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Open Book | 2020 Reading Challenge

When I was younger, I loved reading books. On a Saturday afternoon, you could find me in a corner with my book in my hand. Ah! the good days, when you actually had a moment to yourself and weren’t busy with the busyness of it all. I have continued to read over the years, but not nearly enough and nowhere near the volume I read before life’s demands.

New year. New reading list

Every year, I set a goal to read more. I would like to tell you that I achieve this goal, but that would be far from the truth. I start out strong and then lose steam midway through the year. But, this year is different. My goal is 20 reads in 2020. If there is any year to meet a reading goal, this one is it. A new year. A new decade. New opportunity to carve out time again for myself. Now to increase my success rate, all formats (hardcover, paperback, and audio) count. Because the way my commute is setup, I do most of my “reading” while driving. Also adding to my odds is the fact I rejoined a monthly book club. So getting to 20 should be a breeze, right?

My little slice of heaven

Reading has always provided me a forum to escape. To get lost in someone else’s story for a few hours can be the best stress reliever. A good story can awaken your imagination. I have traveled to foreign countries and got lost in romantic love stories. I have helped chase down killers trying to figure out who dunnit all from the safety of my favorite reading spot. A good page turner has even had me up all night eagerly reading to find out how the story ends.

If only I had time to read all these books.

I am in a book club, Beauty and the Books so at least 12 of the 20 books have been identified. I would love to hear your suggestions on others. What are you reading? Are you ready to join me in this #20in20readingchallenge? It’s time to rediscover or discover a love for books. Let’s step out of our comfort zone, and read different genres of books. I am partial to courtroom fiction (hey John Grisham!), but I also enjoy motivational or self-help books that force me to level-up. I will update the reading list throughout the year, so check back for a progress update. You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

Ready. Set. Read!

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