Rise Up: 2020 Faith Goals

This is the second entry in a five part series on goal setting for 2020.

Now that we have identified our goal categories for 2020 and are armed with our goal planning tools, it’s time to look closer at each goal.

My faith is the most important part of who I am. A closer relationship to God is always the goal, but this year I want to lean more to His understanding. I have some major changes coming, and it will be easy to slip into old habits of worry and anxiety. This year, no matter the outcome: it is well.

To reach total surrender, I will focus on the following to improve my spiritual connection.

Meditate/Pray Daily

My daily practice consists of starting the morning in prayer. Some days it can be tempting to jump right into the day overwhelmed by a never-ending To Do list. But taking a few minutes to express gratitude for where I am in the moment centers me for the rest of the day. The peacefulness of prayer also anchors my thoughts and helps prioritize my actions. What do I need to turn over to Him? What is out of my control? What areas do I need additional guidance to determine next steps. I am a firm believer that there is power in prayer. I need to talk to God daily, and then more importantly, listen for His answers.

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Attend Church Regularly

I grew up in the church so I know the benefits of assembling with like minded believers to share and fellowship in worship. Unfortunately, my Sundays sometimes turn into rest days or catch-up days from the busyness of the week. My church also offers online service which can replace corporate worship if not careful. And while you can praise God anywhere, there is nothing that can replace true worship with others. When we assemble together, we pray for each other. We encourage each other. We build each other up. My goal is to not let the tasks of life get in the way of experiencing worship with fellow believers.

Tithe consistently

You can’t beat God’s giving no matter how you try. The more you give, the more He gives to you.

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Listen, I get it. The cost of everything is going up, while paychecks remain the same. It can be tempting to pay everyone else first before giving back to God. My experience has been that when I have a consistent tithing approach, no matter the sacrifice, God has always met my need. Tithing is exercising my faith, and I plan to do it consistently.

What areas of your faith walk will you focus on this year?

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